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Open up your displays

Zip-it provides the most cost effective way to provide open product displays. While the patented locking system keeps your thefts at bay.

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Patented design to secure electronics, clothing, food & more..

How it works
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How it works

Zip-it is extremely intuitive to use, it
works exactly the same as a
traditional zip.

  • Quick and easy to fit!

  • No training required

  • Compatible with standard detachers

  • Available in RF, AM & EM technology

How it works

Safe and secure.

Zip-it is extremely easy to deploy, and

is proven to increase sales and reduce shrink.

  • Lightweight durable material

  • Crystal clear material

  • Strong locking mechanism


Save money.

Zip-it is 90% smaller than its competitors when flat packed. Throughout the whole logistics process you save money.

  • Reduced shipping costs

  • Reduced warehousing

  • Shorter delivery times 

Maximise shelving.

Fit more products on the self maximising your retail space. Reduce costs with less re-stocking required.

  • Fit more products on a shelf

  • Reduce costs with less re-stocking

  • Store more at the checkouts

Many sizes.

Zip-it comes in a large range of sizes, offering the most flexible solution on the market.

  • Large range of sizes

  • Custom colours available

  • Custom sizes available

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